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Vinhar Human Resources Consultants offer a full range of HR Services which include Recruitment, Training & Development, Payroll Management, and Background Checks which help the client in eliminating the redundant jobs to increase the company’s performance by focusing on core business activities.


Recruitment, Pre-screening, Selection and Outplacement

At Vinhar, we understand the client’s organization, and the business unit relevant to the position, confirm Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the job description document, including the minimum level of education, qualification, work experience, specialist knowledge, core technical skills, interpersonal skills, and desired age for the position. After understanding the job role, which also includes reporting lines, authority levels and compensation structure, we solicit applications through our internal database, personal contacts, and client referrals and/or through advertisements in newspapers etc. If needed.


We invite shortlisted candidates for a preliminary interview process at our end and then schedule appointments with client for final selection. This process is followed by the issuance of job contract letters to the hired candidates for commencement of services at client’s premises.


Background Checks/ Documents Verification

Vinhar HR Consultants carry out the process of checking personal references, employment history, criminal records (Good Conduct Certificate) and all other testimonials submitted against the original documents as per the client’s requirements.


Training & Development

Our Skill Enhancement is designed to assist selected candidates with short-term/long-term career specific training that will enhance their skills and or employability. State of the art Training Facilities and skilled and experienced faculties are available for customized training and development of the candidates.


Payroll / Benefit Administration

Vinhar also offers Payroll Management Services by maintaining staff personnel records, including leave management, and benefits administration (bonuses, medical reimbursements, commission, yearly bonus, performance bonus & terminal payments etc.). We can process Salaries through cheques, account transfers or other suitable mean, These are calculated as per the individual entitlement/period of service and are settled at agreed timings on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


Medical Insurance

Subject to client requirement, Vinhar can also arrange medical insurance with leading Insurance companies to enable staff to avail hospitalization facilities. This facility can be extended to staff family, at nominal cost. Details of yearly limit with boarding limit & yearly premium can be provided once benchmark is agreed regarding yearly hospitalization limits.


We also issue service certificates/ No Objection Certificates (NOCs), to staff facilitating them to secure credit cards, personal loans and other such personal transactions.